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New Rami Levi Membership Card

Friday, April 16, 2010 8:45 No Comments

Rami Levi Logo - לוגו רמי לוי Rami Levi has a new membership card, which is valid at all their branches. They will be offering special discounts and sales for members.

The membership card costs 25 NIS but if you sign up at one of their booths* – currently outside their stores in HaUman and Rav Chen in Jerusalem – you get a 25 NIS voucher to spend in the store (so if you sign up for the card before shopping then the card works out FREE). You also receive a free reusable shopping bag when you sign up!

*The sign-up booths will be stationed outside the stores listed for up to another month. At the end of the initial sign-up period, customers will still be able to sign up for the card but won’t receive a 25 NIS voucher.

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Shefa Shuk Discount Card – free

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 8:05 No Comments

Shefa Shuk has a new discount/club card… no charge for it and it gives you a discount on every trip and is recognized at all their stores.

(Thank you to user Alizah H. for this info!)

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